Welcome to Amador Solar Power!

Stop overpaying for power from the energy grid. Amador solar power dot com, installs solar water heating systems, Serving Amador, Calaveras, and the surrounding counties.

When we patented our Skyline water heating panels in 1990, our goal was to help customers reduce their energy expenses. That’s still our goal today. Our competition uses heavy 4 by 10 inch panels, that weigh up to 160 pounds. We install 20 by 12 inch panels, that weigh 38 pounds, and 20 by 6 panels, that weighs just 19 pounds. Our Skyline panels, are guaranteed to reduce your energy costs.

Our Skyline solar water heating systems, are manufactured locally, in Carmichael, CA., They’re available in 26 colors, and they lay on their side, instead of protruding a dozen feet into the air.

Reach out to us right away, to arrange for professional solar water heater services.