Social Media Posting Service

If you just want to dive in without going into nitty-gritty details, you may signup below:
For UK: (£19 a month)
For US and Rest Of The World ($25 a month)
 * No setup charge. Account configuration will be done within 24-48 hours.
 * No commitments – just month to month payments and you can cancel anytime.
 * Since we need a lot of human labor to accomplish this, spots are very limited and if you miss it, you will have to wait until a spot open up.
 * You will be provided with a fully featured dashboard where you can make a post or even set a scheduled time VERY easily, and that single post will be shared on ALL 4 of your social media accounts, which will save you time. Posting it yourself is totally optional and that would go in addition to the 32 posts that we make per month.
If you are interested in details about our service, please read below:

Realistic Expectations

* Once there is good activity on your social media, a lot of people will gradually flock around your pages/posts and will like/comment on your posts.
* If you never had previous activity, this could take a few weeks but there will always be visibility and activity and you will clearly see things are building up.
* With active social profiles, Google will reward you with a higher ranking signal since social signals are a very important factor in ranking now.
* You will have better brand visibility with the ability to show up multiple social profiles when a Google search is made.
* With the pages growing, we will have insights to the audience and can also explore other paid options to reach highly targeted audience.
* As you know, all brands are using social media and highly active, and a lot of smaller businesses/website owners are also trying the best they can, but they have limited time and resources.
* Since the benefits are obvious, a lot of people will appreciate our service since we “fill a gap” for them. In other words, every site needs social media posting/activity/interactivity/flow and we provide this on a platter at a price point which is impossible to refuse 🙂 – The result or effect that our service would make is priceless as you could easily see 🙂

Unique Social Media Posting Service

Our Goal
* We will make 32 posts across 4 of your social media accounts, with 2 unique posts on each, every week, making it 8 unique posts a month and a total of 32 posts a month, dispersed throughout the month. If you would be manually doing it, see the time taken.
 * Research time for 8 posts, based on 10 minutes research time per post, would mean 80 minutes.
 * Posting time for each post, with logging in and out of each account etc, could mean about 5 minutes, and when we have to make 32 posts, it would mean 160 minutes,
 * This would mean a total time of 240 minutes, or 4 hours, and would also mean being punctual and posting 2 times every week, throughout the month, with a good discipline.
 * This is virtually impossible to do it with today’s time, life interventions etc.
Our Solution
* We have developed a unique software, which we will pre-configure for each client, with their 4 major social media accounts – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.
* Please have a look at our software here; better if you use a desktop/laptop instead of a mobile screen since the demonstration would be clear on a bigger screen. VIDEO: (Fahad, my colleague, explains the software here).
* With our solution, see the time that is taken. Research time of 10 minutes per post as before, and this would mean 80 minutes.
* But as for posting time, it’ll be 5 minutes per 4 posts, meaning 40 minutes for all the posts.
* This will be a total of 120 minutes, which means the time taken is cut in half.
* But how can I even allocate 120 minutes per account, while charging only $25 a month? Add the setup time taken for each account to that.
* Well, this is where the advantage of outsourcing comes in. We have 4 fulltime staff members in Sri Lanka, which is close to India, where we can get skilled labor comparatively cheaper than that of a developed country. We ONLY outsource the “posting process”, and the post research and design is fully done by myself.
* With combination of my brain 🙂my software and my outsourcing team, we can produce something unique: The planet’s only human powered social media posting service, with 32 posts a month, at a cost of just $25 a month. You will not find this sort of offer anywhere on the net, at all..


I cannot share all social profiles of clients, but following are a few random pages that we manage:
Further, we have been in the business of web design for over 15 years. Please find our main website and a random design portfolio here;

Post Strategy

* We will always try to find something current, related to your industry and newsworthy to post, which people will want to share naturally.
* When people share most of your posts, any post you share will be given a higher reach by the particular social network. (Reach: how many people will see your post or will be shown your posts to).
* If you share content that is not interesting, your posts will not reach the desired audience and the reach for your posts will decline.
* So it is very important to start with “interactivity” than being die hard business focused posts – we will first try to gain interactivity and build momentum.
* We will then post business news and related posts, slowly blending in with the flow.
* We have developed this strategy after working with a lot of accounts throughout the years.
Signup below:
For UK: (£19 a month)
For US and Rest Of The World ($25 a month)
If you have any questions despite doing my best to answer all the questions you may have on the above write up, you may ask 🙂
Or just get on in with us by joining us..
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