With our special package of just $50/month, I offer everything a dedicated in-house webmaster would provide you EVERY MONTH. We will also create and maintain a Dedicated 24/7 Whatsapp Group for your business, with my staff and you (your staff) added to the group, for near instant support.

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1) I assure your site is clean and sleek. We do any minor design tweaks as needed to keep it top notch and even do full redesign to keep it tidy and nice.

2) Weekly posting on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

3) I make 2 videos every month and will submit to Youtube.

4) I make 2 video blog posts published every month.

5) Assure your site has SSL and take care of its renewal.

6) Provide secure hosting and maintenance for the site, including monthly updating of plugins and weekly backups.

7) Site submission and management with Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics, with a monthly report on site traffic.

8) Video of each visitor on your site on their interaction with the site to better understand the site’s effectiveness and conversion.

9) Monthly newsletter management with providing a video email for subscribers twice a month.

10) Overall website management monthly.

11) Managing Google My Business presence to assure you will always appear for your keywords on the first page of Google. This might involve some directory submission on a monthly basis.

12) Help with web design issues.

Extra: Push notification setup, provision and maintenance of IOS/Android apps is also available, and we will include this as part of the package based on further discussion.

** Basically, I will manage the site fully for you, including social media and search engine presence. While you might wonder how on earth I can offer all of this in one small price, I can offer this because I work with multiple clients who pay me monthly and I have staff to help me achieve the best for all of them, which pays for my time and makes it worthwhile to me, helping my clients at the same time. No commitments, cancel anytime.

A successful website needs continuous promotion and close attention daily, doing a promotion here and there would take you nowhere. You will need to update the site with fresh content at least twice a month, publish social media articles once a week, share the articles among people, interact with the audience, update the website looks and plugins, take regular backups, submit the site to a few directories every month, monitor the Google ranking weekly and do the needful for continuous ranking, monitor Google Analytics traffic reports and more. Only if you do all of this, the site will produce an every increasing ROI and will go ahead as an appreciating income producing asset. If not, it will just sit as a stale website with zero growth, while similar competitive websites build a much greater market presence, diminishing the presence your site have on the web and social media.

Unless you have a dedicated webmaster who can pay close attention to the site and its social media, and work continuously on it, there is no growth that you can expect. I have seen many cases where email inquiries are replied 2 days late. For each site I manage, I assure a text message gets sent to the customer for each inquiry. I always monitor the level/number of inquiries and work to produce more inquiries/interaction for your site. Overall, I work with total dedication on your site to grow your site continuously.

I have offered individual services before, but I realized that it never helped the clients as much as expected or could satisfy them, which reflected badly upon me too, and did not take me or my clients anywhere. But now, I have just 67 clients and all of them are happy, and I am very happy too 🙂 – This package has a lot of interest and I on-board a few clients every week. My initial plan is to on-board a maximum of 100 clients and no plans to expand until a couple years, in order to keep the service efficient. Right now, you are guaranteed to reach me anytime with a phone call/text/email and if I miss the call/text/email, I have a record response time of attending within 6 hours call/text/email. I assure this commitment for you and this is the reason for the cap of clients.

With my special package of just $50/month, I offer everything a dedicated in-house webmaster would provide you.

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